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North Texans helping North Texans

Give Meals

$10 provides 2 bags of groceries

Give Shelter

$50 provides 2 nights of shelter

Give Hope

$100 provides one day of addiction treatment

North Texas Need Your Help


The best way to help The Salvation Army of North Texas is through a recurring monthly gift. A monthly gift of $25 will double your impact on our community and ensure that we can continue our services beyond the holidays


While there are fewer in-person volunteer opportunities due to COVID-19, there are still ways that you can safely help us serve North Texans in need. Volunteer duties range from event set-up, to food pantry assistance, to ringing next to our Red Kettles during Christmas.

Gifts By Mail

Periodically, The Salvation Army mails appeals for assistance to individuals who have a heart for the Army's work. These concerned individuals are given the opportunity to mail a check to The Salvation Army to help with ongoing efforts at assisting those in need.

The Salvation Army needs monetary donations to continue its important work in Texas and around the world. To support the Army's programs, please mail your check to:

The Salvation Army
DFW Metroplex
P.O. Box 36006
Dallas, Texas 75235

The Salvation Army
DFW Metroplex
P.O. Box 2333
Fort Worth, TX 76113

Gifts of Stock

An outright gift of long-term securities (owned more than one year) to The Salvation Army is free of capital gains tax, no matter how much their value may have risen. Therefore, it is better to donate appreciated long-term stock outright than to sell it yourself and then donate the money to charity, in which case you would be responsible for the capital gains tax. A gift of stock also allows you to remove the appreciated asset from your taxable estate.

When you make a gift of long-term appreciated stock, you can deduct the full fair market value of the gift from your taxable income when itemizing deductions in the year you make the gift as long as it does not exceed 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. In addition, you may "carryover" and deduct any remaining amount during the next five years, as long as it does not exceed 30 percent of your adjusted gross income in the year of deduction.

In addition to making an outright gift, if you are over 50 years of age, funding a Charitable Gift Annuity with appreciated stock is an excellent mechanism to both receive a significant charitable deduction as well as receive income from the gift. Stock is first transferred tax-free to The Salvation Army through our planned giving department. (214-956-6271). Next, a contract with the donor is formalized and the annuity pays a guaranteed income rate between 5.3% and 11% (depending on age(s) of the annuitant).

You can take pleasure in knowing that your generous gift provides immediate support for the programs and work of The Salvation Army. For more information on donating appreciated long-term securities, please call 214-637-8218.

Leave a Gift in Your Will

You are planning for your future. Now consider helping us plan for ours. Your future comes first. Do you have a will? A will is a legal document that distributes your property and the assets of your estate to individuals and charities you wish. The Salvation Army would like to ask you to consider including us in your will to receive a future gift from your estate.

Your will is an expression of the values, material and spiritual, you have acquired in your lifetime and wish to pass on to your heirs and to charities. It is rewarding to know that your will supports an organization that reflects the rules of your life - loving, caring, helping and sharing.

The Salvation Army would like to give you more information in this area. We will be happy to send materials to you, or a personal visit can be arranged with no obligation on your part. For more information about making a gift to The Salvation Army through your will, please call 1-800-569-1765 (in Texas) or 214-956-6271.

Employer Matching

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. To find out if your company will match your gift, please click the link below.

Click here to enter a company name to see if your company matches your personal donation to The Salvation Army. Not all organizations are listed, so please contact your Human Resources or Community Affairs Department to learn more.

 In-Kind Gifts

When you donate clothes, furniture and household items to The Salvation Army, your used goods are sold at one of our local Salvation Army Family Stores. The income raised through the sale of these items provides the sole source of funding for our residential substance abuse program.

In addition to providing the entire budget to fund this important program, your donations provide important work therapy for individuals who are trying to break the grips of drug and alcohol addiction.

Items may be delivered directly to:

The Salvation Army
Adult Rehabilitation Center
5554 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75235

The Salvation Army
Adult Rehabilitation Center
2901 NE 28th Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76111

For pick-up service, please call 1-800-SA-TRUCK or go to