1855 E. Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76103 - (817) 344-1800

Fort Worth, TX

1855 E. Lancaster Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76103
Phone: (817) 344-1800

Beckie Wach

1855 E. Lancaster Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 76103
Phone: (817) 344-1824

Major Guy and Dolores Watts



Year-round Services

Food Pantry:
Wednesday at 9AM - 12PM

Emergency Family Homeless Shelter:
Open year-round for families experiencing homelessness

Seasonal Services

Cooling Station:
Building is not open to the public at this time, but water is available for distribution upon request

Inclement Weather Shelter:


Ministry services

*Through the Lancaster Corps

Sunday at 10:30AM

Bible Study:
Wednesday at 6:00AM


Programs and Services Information

Emergency Family Homeless Shelter
Our emergency shelter is open 365 days a year to provide a safe, clean refuge for men, women, families, and women with children. Our guests are provided with sleeping accommodations, hot meals, showers (including towels and toiletries), and clothes. We also offer a VA Permanent Supportive Housing Program.

Daily Meals for the Homeless
Hunger and proper nutrition are ongoing issues for people on the streets. To address this need, we serve three hot meals a day in our on-site cafeteria for any and all who show up. The free meals are balanced and nutritious to help meet a person’s most basic need.

Home Sweet Home
Homeless prevention program for at-risk individuals and families that are on the verge of losing their homes. The goals of this program are to prevent homelessness, support housing stability, and build healthy and self-sufficient families. We value the empowerment, hope, self esteem, independence and dignity of our program participants.

Simon Transitional Housing Program
Program is for unaccompanied single women over age 18 who have a dual diagnosis of mental illness and drug/alcohol addiction. In collaboration with other Tarrant County homeless service agencies, the Simon program provides room and board, as well as life skills, counseling and case management.

S.T.A.R.T. (Stabilizing to Achieve Richer Tomorrows) Program
A program designed to give people who are shackled by a repetitive cycle of homelessness a new start in life. Case managers function as mentors for each person in their care and will actually accompany people from place to place helping them to establish relationships and make the arrangements necessary to move to independent living. The goals of the program are to overcome barriers that contribute to homelessness, increase income, and transition to stable housing.

First Choice Program
A voluntary, long-term residential treatment program uniquely designed for chemically dependent women and their children. Participants receive a wide range of services for up to 12 months, including a private room with bath, transportation, off-site day care, group therapy, 12-step meetings (Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous), substance abuse counseling, experiential learning activities, life skills, parental training, family counseling, money management, and individual counseling.

The Salvation Army provides Rapid Rehousing and Permanent Supportive Housing at scattered sites throughout Tarrant County. The programs provide long-term comprehensive case management, and supportive services for specialized populations including homeless, disabled veterans, dually diagnosed and medically vulnerable individuals.  Designed to stabilize housing, increase income through job training/placement, and enhance self-determination, to meet the most urgent needs of the community.