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William Booth Society

The William Booth Society recognizes and honors individuals that exemplify philanthropic leadership and commitment.

The William Booth Society provides The Salvation Army of North Texas with a way to honor and individually appreciate our most dedicated supporters.

This type of annual giving develops a dependable source of funding for The Salvation Army’s programs and services while identifying new and influential leadership that is critical to building bridges within our community and elevating individuals.

How it works

William Booth Society members are given opportunities throughout the year to support financially, offer program input, participate in special projects, help identify new members and request tours or further information on programs and services.

William Booth Society recognition is focused on keeping its members informed, valued and cherished, while providing optional opportunities to gather in special fellowship with other members.


A financial gift of $5,000 or more (or several gifts equal $5,000 or more) in the calendar year qualifies for William Booth Society membership.

Founder’s Circle:
helps to provide 33 working poor heads of families
create a road map to self-sufficiency.

Catherine Mumford Booth Level:
helps to provide addiction treatment, safe shelter & meals to
14 individuals working hard to become self-sufficient.

Evangeline Booth Level:
helps to enable 28 formerly homeless individuals implement
a personalized plan for self-sufficiency.

George Scott Railton Level:
helps to provide 30 working poor
or formerly homeless or addicted individuals the skills required to
be hired and paid sufficient and stable wages.

Members Level: 
helps to meet the immediate needs of a homeless child
by providing safe shelter and hot meals.

For information please contact:

Collin & Denton Counties

  • Mary Freeman, Director of Community Relations – Collin & Denton Counties

Dallas County

  • James Jenner, Director of Community Relations – Dallas County

Tarrant & Ellis Counties

  • Ryan Barrera, Director of Community Relations—Tarrant & Ellis Counties