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Our country's heroes need comfort, shelter, and counseling now more than ever. You can help.

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America's veterans comprise nearly 10% of the nations homeless population.

Homelessness, PTSD, self-medication, and addiction have caused those who gave everything to lose everything..

Dallas Veterans Services

The Salvation Army social services center in Dallas works with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to provide veterans with transitional housing, counseling and a wide variety of support services.

There are two programs for veterans at the social services center in Dallas. One houses 78 veterans for up to two years. Goals for these veterans are to help them find employment, increase their job skills, increase their income and to help them find a safe and stable place they can call home.

The other program provides 30 veterans, struggling with serious mental health issues or drug and alcohol addictions, with more intensive support services and housing for up to six months.

Veterans in both programs have semi-private rooms, bathrooms, laundry facilities, food, and transportation, time for recreation and access to a gymnasium.

Veterans needing further assistance after discharge can pick up food in the center's pantry or continue their life skill classes. The Salvation Army follows up, after six month, with each veteran who successfully completes the program to make sure they're doing okay.


Carr P. Collins Social Services Center
5302 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, Texas

Fort Worth Veterans Services

The Salvation Army Veterans Enrichment (SAVE) program provides veterans with permanent housing, long-term comprehensive case management, and support services for chronically homeless, disabled veterans.

The program is designed to stabilize their housing situation, increase their income through job training and job placement services, and to increase their levels of independence and self-determination.

J.E. & L.E. Mabee Center
1855 E. Lancaster
Fort Worth, TX 76103

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